Paths of Glory- Stanley Kubrick (1957)

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Cpl. Jean-Nicholas le Maçon, of the 701 Regt. d'Infanterie, prepares to hurl les Boches from the sacred lands of La Belle France.

A completed mini! Here is the first of the
Poilus, based and ready. I was very happy with the weathering. A judicious wash of Delta Ceramcoat's mudstone gave me just the effect I was looking for, and I was careful not to overdo it.

It helped that the mini was varnished first, as the wash didn't stain the paint leaving ugly marks as had happened too often in the past when I used washes. After basing and weathering, I sealed the mini with a few quick coats of matte acrylic artists fixative, and I was done!

Now to get to work on finishing his #2 and on preparing some riflemen.

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Foss1066 said...

I came across your Blog Via Saxon dog. Very inspiring! I love how you are achieving that WWI period photograph feeling in your paint scheme.

Look forward to more