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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Horizon Blue on the Horizon!

Scarab Miniatures is a new company who have already released a very nice range of 1916-18 Austro-Hungarian infantry as reviewed by Henry Hyde in the latest issue (#16) of Battlegames magazine.

It was announced recently on TMP that Scarab would be releasing their opponents the Italians, but it was also mentioned that the first releases of late war French would be due to come out in the near future. I was on to this like a rat to an open tin of bully beef, and on checking their website I saw that Scarab was inviting comments on ideas for future releases.

Not being one to let such an opportunity go by, I duly sent a mail suggesting a number of support equipment and colonial troops, and Scarab were good enough to respond not only that they were planning what looks to be a pretty extensive range, but also sent me a photo of one of the castings that will make a release later this year, a French Chasseur d'Alpine infantryman. Nicely painted, if not quite finished, but it cleary shows the detail, equipment and "character" of the minis. I really like it.

I hope Scarab do not mind me reproducing it here, as it is an inspiring and very nice looking model. I can see that this spring and summer I'll be spending a lot of time in the trenches!

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